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Solemn King Mini Tote Bag

Solemn King Mini Tote Bag

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A small tote with a big attitude. We’ve immortalized the king of the jungle, in a stunning piece of art, so you can carry with confidence. With its luxurious mane and intelligent gaze, the lion is the world’s most iconic animal for a reason.

Perfect for everything you need throughout your day, from food and books to sneakers and sweats - the 13” x 13” size is ideal for maximum portability. Crafted from gentle, soft fabric with cotton webbed handles, this is the bag to get you through your day with a lion’s attitude.

Captured by a professional photographer, before being reimagined by hand as a stunning painting, we’ve left no detail to the imagination. Berkshire artist Mary Anne Pellegrini has captured the solemn majesty in all its glory, using contrast to her advantage to bring out the rich golden colour of the Lion. This bag gives you the confidence to tackle the day, whatever it throws at you.

Like all of our products, this tote is proudly made in the United States, and regular shipping is 100% free.

Dry or spot clean only.