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Inquiring about your Pet Portrait!

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Hopefully these FAQ's will address any concerns you have and outline what I'll need to get to know your special pet and create your painting. 

Send your pet photos and a description of your pet's personality to to open the discussion.  Deposits are not required with the initial email and photos but will be accepted at the agreement to start the work.


  • What kind of photos do I send?
Email your favorite images that show your pet's eyes clearly, the color of their fur, and both sides of their face. 
Images should be in jpg, png or HEIF file types please. 
  • What if my photos are unclear and I cannot get more?
I understand that "memory" paintings of pets that are no longer with us will have a limited number of photographs to choose from - we'll make it work!
  • What do I tell you about my pet?

It's helpful to know what they love to do, if they have a favorite toy, and a general personality description.  Be sure to let me know if you have a favorite pose or picture.

  • What does this cost?
A non-refundable deposit of $25 toward the artwork is required once the art request has been accepted.  Acceptance is based on the photos and information sufficient to proceed. (Good clarity, eye and nose images, etc.)
An original 12" x 12" canvas acrylic is $150, $175 if the painting will be a composition of several photos. The deposit is deducted from the cost and billing occurs prior to shipment
Pricing includes shipping costs.
  • How long does this take?

Paintings require a varied amount of time, but generally the canvas will be completed in two weeks.  This includes two layers of a protective coating that will allow the painting to be cleaned with a very gentle soap and water.

  • Can I choose the background color?

Absolutely.  If you do not have a preference, the background will be similar to the eye color of your pet.  

Share the love! With the purchase of an original, professional photo paper or canvas prints can also be purchased for all custom Pet Portraits.  

ALL ORIGINAL CUSTOM PET PORTRAIT ARTWORK CAN BE REFUSED IF YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED PRIOR TO SHIPPING. (Prints will not be available for any refused art).  Deposits are non-refundable.