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Why Jungle Cats?

My love for big cats almost sent me in jail.  Well, to be truthful, not me but an 18 year old boy who would do just about anything to get my attention…  which was mostly fixed on tigers at the time. 

You probably don’t know that Esso gas stations used the Bengal tiger as a logo which was printed on large metal signs at their gas stations. 

One day John pulled up in his Dodge Charger with a little gift for me in the trunk.  I loved that metal sign, and it hung in my room until the floor of my Thunderbird rusted out and my dad repaired it with the stolen treasure.  But I digress…

Now, with a brush in my hand, I still have my mind on the big cats.  Like me, you can't help but be drawn to their beauty and power.  We are intrigued the story they tell in their eyes, saddened as their future is dim but share the hope that it's not too late to save them for the next generation.  

Take a look through the items I've created and find yourself a little something special that reflects your respect for these amazing jungle beasts.