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White Bengal Tiger Cotton Blanket Princess Eliora original art image from Jungle Cat Art

Princess Eliora White Bengal Woven Cotton Blanket

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The last white bengal tiger in the wild was spotted in 1958. This genetic induced coloring was a rare and beautiful act of nature.

Today they are in captivity, inbred repeatedly for show and sale...  Perhaps as their orange cousins increase we may again see them free as they were meant to be.

Created with admiration, this painting has been professionally photographed to share every detail in canvas, paper and tapestries. Search the site for Blue Eyed Beauty and Princess Eliora to find other white bengal items.

These blankets are woven into a rich tapestry with soft fringed edges - ideal for beautiful and useful home decor. Crafted from 100% cotton, the original painting's image has been carefully woven (not printed) into a 50" x 60" blanket. Spread on a bed or couch, or hang on the wall (hanging kit not included), it will bring beauty and function to your. home.

Machine washable using cold water/mild detergent/gentle cycle only. Hang to dry.

Original art by Jungle Cat Artist Mary Anne Pellegrini, with her Studio East in Chelmsford and Studio West in the Berkshires.

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